Bomb Scare

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bomb scareAfter the horrific events of 9/11, the United States as a whole has become a fairly hypersensitive nation, and rightfully so. Since that day, the US has become a different place, and likely will never be the same again.

Anyone, just about anywhere, walking down the street who spots a backpack hidden in the bushes, will have the same initial reaction…….BOMB. It’s a natural, knee-jerk reaction to seeing a backpack hidden, with no owner in sight. To a certain degree, that’s always been the initial reaction, but since 9/11 we have been conditioned to immediately suspect the worst. The reality is, compared to so many other nations of the world, the odds of a backpack, concealed in some bushes, actually having a bomb inside it is extremely unlikely…..but then again, you never really know. It’s a crazy world out there.

It was a Friday afternoon in Central Islip, New York (a city in the center of Long Island) when a backpack was spotted hidden in the bushes near the courthouse. Being that it was located near the courthouse was immediate cause for concern. When a retired police officer noticed the backpack, he alerted security and the bomb squad was ultimately called in. Bomb squad officers used a robot to determine that there was nothing harmful in the backpack.

Just a sick joke by a prankster? Not exactly. The problem began when 19-year-old Melvin Ruffin took a long bus ride from his hometown of Bellport to Central Islip, to answer to a disorderly conduct citation. During the bus ride, another passenger’s Chihuahua soiled poor Melvin’s backpack and instead of taking his pee pee pack into the courthouse, Melvin innocently elected to stash it in the bushes, leading to all the fun and games of the day.

Despite all the trouble caused to the city and Melvin’s poor choice of backpack hiding places, it was an innocent mistake and Ruffin was let off with a warning to be more careful in the future about where he leaves his stuff.

The moral of the story: Pee pee or no pee pee, the pack must stay on your back.

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